Monday, 12 May 2014

A Brief Autobiography

     My name is Clarke Bayles and I am an Electrical Foundations instructor at BCIT in Burnaby B.C.  The course I teach is a 24 week program that covers both the fundamentals of electricity and also the basic tool and hand skills necessary to be a successful electrician.  When my students have completed the course they are well prepared to find an entry level job as an apprentice electrician.  Hopefully this will set them on their way to having a successful and fulfilling career as Journeyman Electricians.
     I have been a Journeyman Electrician since 2008.  It was while I was attending the schooling part of my apprenticeship that I started speaking to instructors about what it took to become an instructor.  It was one such conversation with my 2nd year instructor in 2005 that I particularly remember.  He seemed excited that I was interested in his profession, and when a job came up six years later at BCIT he remembered that conversation we had and contacted me regarding the opening.  I applied and got the job in 2011 and after getting a handle on the course material, I can now focus on completing my PIDP courses.

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